Monday, October 26, 2009

You Will Never Be Alone with an Economist in Your Pocket

10 Anthropica Points for whoever can identify what quotation the title of this post is based on and who said it!

I recently installed the eBook reader Stanza on my iPhone.  It may not be E Ink, but it's much better than reading Rothard and Mises on the iPhone's Safari browser!  Just the fact that Stanza remembers exactly which page you left off at makes all the difference.

There are other ways than the following to transfer epub files into your iPhone.  But I had trouble until I tried the following way...

  • Search "Stanza" in the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Download and then launch Stanza (it's free)
  • Tap on "Online Catalog"
  • Tap Plus Sign
  • Tap "Add Web Page"
  • Type "Mises" under "Name" and the following url under "URL": (You'll just have to type it out once.  It'll be worth it!)
  • Tap "Save"
  • Then, back in "Online Catalog", tap "Mises" and the Mises ePub page will appear.  Click on whichever ebook you want (currently Human Action; Man, Economy, and State; America's Great Depression; and The Case Against the Fed are available), and wait for it to download.

EVERYONE interested in Austrian Economics who has an iPhone should have Human Action and MES on it.  Even if it's slow going, or if you don't understand all of it... just make those two treatises your long-term companions, and whenever you find yourself waiting in line or waiting for your girlfriend to finish shopping, just fire up whichever treatise you feel most like reading, and make some progress!

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