Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Human Action Comics #4: Opportunity Cost and the Entrepreneur

Human Action Comics #4 and #5 are now #5 and #6 respectively. I've created a new #4 on opportunity cost and the entrepreneur (two subjects which I believe are best treated before capital theory and exchange theory). You can view the new issue in Facebook (no account required) or watch it as a Picassa slideshow below. Click play and then pause to advance at your own pace. Click on the middle of the screen to view in a bigger window (or even full-screen).


Hard Rain said...

Thanks for the new issue!

Just fyi: I noticed a minor mistake in Bernie Sander's dialogue in photo 25 of 35. He says "Why should the whole the island.." I believe he needs an "of" in there :)

Lilburne said...

Thanks for the catch!