Sunday, October 17, 2010

High-Scoring Win for Auburn

I don't follow sports, but this insanely high-scoring game won by the Mises Institute's hometown college football team caught my attention.
AUBURN, Ala. -- Cam Newton kept looking up at the scoreboard, amazed as anyone at the numbers he saw, climbing higher and higher with each possession.
He wondered how many points it would take to win.
Fifty? Sixty? Seventy?
"I'm sitting there on the sideline saying, 'Wow, we have this many points, and they have that many points,'" Auburn's do-it-all quarterback said. "At one point, we didn't want to score too fast because it was like a heavyweight boxing match." 
When this offensive slugfest was done, the No. 7 Tigers had a mind-boggling 65-43 victory over 12th-ranked Arkansas on Saturday, the teams combining on a record for points in a Southeastern Conference game that didn't go to overtime.

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