Friday, October 22, 2010

Hume as Causal-Realist

Joseph Salerno has done a lot of interesting work characterizing Austrian Economics in the Mengerian tradition as "causal-realist". Causal realism is defined by as:
The view that substantive causal connections exist in reality
Causal realism is considered to have a diametric opposite in the Regularity Theory of Causation, which according to the above-mentioned site:
analyzes causation in terms of nothing but regular sequence
The chief formulator of the Regularity Theory of Causation is considered to be David Hume. But there has been a wave of new studies referred to as the "New Hume" interpretation, which characterizes Hume as actually having been a causal-realist. One of the themes of this blog will be looking into this "New Hume Debate".

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